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If you are interested in starting your own business, please take a look at our purpose built unit manufactured in the UK it includes all the equipment plus advertising brochures and boards to ensure a fast and easy way to start your business.

This unit is suitable for a one/two man operation.

This Industrial Unit is a trailer it carries 2000 litres of water plus a pressure washer which runs at 200 bar and uses 30 litres of water a minute. This machine can work 2 lances at the same time or 2 flat surface cleaners, it comes with 20 meters of hose mounted on a reel also provided are a further 80 meters of loose hose in 20 meter lengths, it is capable of lifting water up to a height of 100 meters when using a roof cleaning machine. This machine is capable of using all types of different equipment. If you let me know what type of work you intend to do I can provide the appropriate equipment.

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